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Mobile Calculator Center for
Classroom Configurations Specifically Designed for Texas Instruments Systems

When calculators are used in math and science classrooms, they often need to be protected from theft and vandalism. They also need to be re-charged and, when shared, transported from room-to-room.

When used in classroom system configurations (such as those offered by Texas Instruments) they should be pre-configured for use with system components, such as digital projectors, notebooks, access points and other equipment.

Datamation Systems Mobile Calculator and Handheld Computer Center Carts are perfect for these applications and provide excellent security. They are configured for the most popular TI systems: TI-Navigator™  and TI-Nspire™ .



Cart for TI-Navigator


Cart for TI-Navigator


Cart for TI-Nspire


Laptop, projector, calculators and TI system

components not included.

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